Sadomasochistic stockbrokers and bunny slippers

I won't be in blogosphere range this week. I'll be playing out the dos and don'ts of my horoscope (courtesy of Free Will Astrology).
Do play soccer in bunny slippers at dawn in a supermarket parking lot with a gang of sadomasochistic stockbrokers who've promised to teach you the Balinese monkey chant. 
Don't lie on a floor surrounded by wine-stained poetry books, crumpled Matisse prints, abandoned underwear, and half-eaten bowls of corn flakes as you stare up at the ceiling with a mad gaze, muttering gibberish and waving your hands as if swatting away demons. 
Not so much ... I will be doing a guest blog post over at Jenna Quentin's blog. Jenna is one of my SCBWI buddies and her blog is for readers and writers. It explores life as a backdrop for wonderful stories, viewing people as amazing characters. 

She'll be posting my guest blog post on Thursday France time (not to be confused with daylight savings time or dinner time).  

The post is about stealing other people's lives and putting it into your fiction how to weave your life experiences into your story - or as I like to say: how killing my childhood friend's frog led me to write Dead Frog on the Porch. 

While you're cruising the blogosphere check out the Tiny Canadian's blog (she lives 20 miles north of freezing and 32 miles south of Nobody Cares, just off the coast of freezing cold Canada) where she rants about complaining (not the same as complaining about ranting) and Barbie Kong's blog where creativity meets heavy metal and she comes to the realization that she's getting old (relative to everyone younger than her).

We'll whether you're ranting, complaining, too old, too young or just too good looking, we can all get inspiration from this video of Ginger Rogers at 92 dancing the salsa with her great grandson. P.S. Just googled it and Ginger Rogers died at 83 ... so whomever it is, the dancing it's pretty impressive.   


LTM said…
OK, LOL! I loved the "don't" portion of the horrorscope. Esp. since that's a bit how I've been feeling lately... ;p

Also, (giggle) at you killing childhood friends frog. Most excellent inspiration for a book ever~ :o)
Jan Markley said…
Hope you don't feel like the 'don't' portion for too long Leigh. That incident was good inspiration for my writing, and a fun blog post to write as well especially since I tracked down that friend!
JennaQuentin said…
Ginger is pure magic at any age!! Thanks for sharing the new blogs!!!
Jan Markley said…
You're welcome Jenna and thanks for having me on your blog to do a guest blog post!
Anonymous said…
Hey! Way behind in the reading, I am. Just have to say, ROFLING on the 'scopes. Looking forward to reading the guest post at Jenna's and adding her to my google reader. Thanks, Jan :)
Jan Markley said…
Glad you caught up on your blog reading Deb. I'm still behind on mine. Yes the 'scopes are funny and insightful each week. Glad you liked Jenna's blog!
Kat W said…
Those bunny slippers are fantastic. The horoscope dos and don'ts are hilarious.

Just been enjoying a catch up of your very witty blog.

Kat :-)
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Kat! Yes, the horoscope is hilarious, I don't know how he does it every week.

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