Battle of the Blogging Nieces!

In the one corner of the Internet is my actress niece Katie Repman who lives in New York and recently completed a 30 day character challenge. She created a different comedic character everyday. She wrote, acted, directed, and edited them herself. She challenged herself to expand her comedic range by working on different, dialects, ages, and genders.

She's been blogging about the process on Barbie Kong and you can find the videos on her you tube channel

All the videos were funny in their own way - here's one of my favourites: Teen Mom Janelle Evans.

Check out her blog, the rest of the videos on her you tube channel, and follow her on twitter at BarbieKong1. 

In the other corner of the Internet is my teen aged niece Tea. She blogs at Tiny Canadian and like most teenagers is up past midnight, bored, taping herself singing in the dark, putting the videos on you tube and planning her take over of the world (or at least the Internet). 

She's got a great voice and has a few videos up - they are short and sweet - as she says 'you won't have to sit through a 5 minute video rendition of a song' - who needs that right!? 

Here's one where she's singing Fly Again by Nikki Williams. 

Follow their progress on their blogs and you tube channels as they both continue to stretch their talents and put themselves out there! So there you have it - my talented blogging nieces and a bragging aunt! 


Anonymous said…
Well now...the uber cool Auntie Jan has some crazy cool funny talented nieces. Thanks for sharing!
Jan Markley said…
Yes, crazy cool nieces, and some crazy cool writing friends!
Dawn Kurtagich said…
What a talented family! :D