Out of the cybersphere ...

Kinda looks like a Sasquatch writing cave!
I'll be out of the cybersphere for a few weeks. I've joined the french foreign legion, no, actually, I'm going to live in one of those domed eco-thingys; well, basically dear bloggowers, I'll be MIA (and not the rapper). 

I will have some amazing guest bloggers while I'm gone, and the blog posts are all brilliant in different ways. The amazing thing about the internet is that I have blogger friends all over the world, so you'll have a mix of local and international guest bloggers. You'll discover some new blogs and meet some of my friend and family bloggers. 

 As well, I won't be able to share the posts through facebook or twitter so if my bloggowers can give my guest bloggers some social networking love and share them around, that would be great. 

Here's the list:

August 24th - author Candy Gourlay who blogs at two places ('cause she's just not busy enough) Notes from the Slush Pile and her own blog

August 28th - writer Angela Ackerman who blogs at The Bookshelf Muse.

August 31 - writer Jenna Quentin who blogs at Meandering in a field of words.

September 4th - writer and actor Jocosa Wade (aka Jocosa of the Earrings) who blogs at I may not be John Irving.

September 7th - NY actor Katie Repman who blogs at Barbie Kong.

No bottomless pit in sight!
Remember when Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble always seemed to be falling into a bottomless pit? Yeah, I'm not there either! 

And on a parting note, if you think your novel is hard to sum up for a synopsis or a query letter - check out how these two dudes summed up the entire Harry Potter series, in song, in 99 seconds!

Hollar back at ya soon! 


Candy Gourlay said…
well, have a good spell of being MIA - and thank you for inviting me to blog on your dead moths er porch. see you back here soon!
Jan Markley said…
Anytime Candy! I'm sure everyone will enjoy your blog post!