Spot the Katie

My niece, NY actor Katie Repman, did background work on two shows that will be on HBO on Sunday October 2nd. 

They are Boardwalk Empire on HBO at 9 EST, and How to Make It In America at 10:30 EST.

She may or may not have made the final cut so you'll have to play a bit of 'Spot the Katie.' 

Here's her pic so you know who you'll be looking for. 

Even if you don't spot her, they are shows worth watching!

I will have to watch the episodes on the-line after they air as I'm the only person who doesn't seem to have HBO *face palm*!

Here's the Season 1 recap of Boardwalk Empire. 

Season 1 Recap

And here's the season 1 recap of How to Make it in America!


Candy Gourlay said…
hey - you've got a pretty niece there ... those shows are only available on paid for cable here in the UK. boo! i had a friend who did background work in operas! another one did work on computer games! good luck to your niece!