Teens taking leadership against bullying!

On this blog we talk a lot about finding your unique voice - okay, let me rephrase that I talk a lot about finding your voice in your writing. 

Over the years I've watched my teenaged niece find her voice as a singer, blogger (she now blogs as TinyCanadianLive at The never ending complaint), video design and production artist (she produced my two book trailers), and a social activist. 

She annually hosts a Face Book anti-bullying event called: I will not be silenced. It's an international event and last year thousands of people participated to raise awareness of, and speak out against, bullying. You can sign up for the event which takes place February 22, 2012. 

Here's the video she produced for the event. She spent five hours in her Sasquatch video production cave editing it. Every now and then she emerged from her cave and said something random like: "I need one of my dogs!" 

So, check out the video - it rocks something awesome!    

And when you hear people talking trash about teenagers ... point them to the myriad of youth lead initiatives in all parts of society.