Jocosa of the book review blog

You’ll remember my friend Jocosa of the Earrings from her previous guest blog posts. She’s the one, in a fit delirium from all the excitement at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference (SiWC) a few years ago, took a vow to not cut her hair until she was published.

okay peeps, her hair is way longer than this!
Her hair is long – think Rapunzel, think the 1970s long, her fingers are nubs from rewriting and she’s not giving up her goal of getting published or cutting her hair (well she can’t – she made a vow). 

In the meantime, she’s started a book review blog. I’ll let her speak in her own words and introduce it to you:

“My son says self-promotion is The Way of the World. I thought is was a restoration comedy by William  Congreve.

Anyway, after coaching for some 30 odd years, I thought blogging about the interconnectedness between writing and acting would be a snap. The format was NOT a good fit. Not really a surprise, I guess. On my journey into wisdom, I've found what comes natural to us or what we excel at often times is not where we think or believe we belong, but rather where we thrive without effort. For me this happens when I write book reviews. In fact, I get downright giddy whenever I'm composing one. 
I'm launching Jocosa's Bookshelf. My ultimate goal is to write reviews for new and classic books. But first I need to get through my TBR pile. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for listening. Blue Skies, jocose”

Yeah, she’s kinda hippy like that!

Check out her site – she’s got loads of reviews up and she’s working on loads more. (while I am slowly working through my to-be-read pile which reproduces itself  … then all my friend’s book launches!)

Lots of awesome reading ahead! Let Jocosa help you read your way through it!


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