Grinch, Sasquatch, and Flash Mobs

Yes, it's that time of the year again! 


Or as I like to call it, the time of the year I pontificate on how the Grinch looks like Sasquatch who looks like Santa Claus. 

But this year, I'll spare you the thesis and share some of my favourite videos. 

First there's the original Grinch who Stole Christmas:

Now you know I lovz me some flash mob. Flash mob = happy people. Let's shower people with song and not bombs or bullets!  

Here's a famous one you've no doubt seen - it's a flash mob with a side of fries in a food court! Hallelujah for the fries! 

And last, but now least, I always take a chance to brag about my various nieces and nephews. Here's my niece doing a solo with her singing group in a downtown shopping mall during the Christmas shopping frenzy (no, it's not a food court - no theme here!).  You'll recognize her, she's the gorgeous one who takes after her auntie!

Here's to a peaceful Christmas and holiday season and a healthy 2012 with lots of writing.  



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