What is this mobile device I see before me?!

I be presenting y'all! 

This is a joint Young Alberta Book Society (YABS) and Society of Children's Book Writing and Illustrating (SCBWI West) event and it's free to members and non-members!

Social Media for the Social Media Scardie Cat (or as Shakespeare put it: What is this mobile device I see before me?!) 

Okay, maybe Shakespeare never said that, but if all the new mobile computing devices and social media make you feel like an Elizabethan dinosaur then this workshop will help. 

You know how there are no dumb questions? Well, this is the place to bring them. Questions like: how do I change my profile picture or upload a different picture to Facebook? I've created a video which is in you tube, how do I post it on my Facebook status update and share it? How do I comment on someone's Facebook status update? 

Who are all these people and why do they want to be my friend all of a sudden? How do I 'share' something on Facebook or twitter and why would I do that? What's twitter? What's a blog? I don't want to have a web site, can I still have a web presence? (yes, is the short answer). 

My grandchild dropped the f-bomb in his Facebook status update, should I tell his mom? (well, that's your call). 

Why are there so many crazy cat videos on the web (that is unanswerable and defies all logic). 

If you are intimidated by technology and think WTF means Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, LOL means lots of love, and apps are what you eat before a meal, then this workshop is for you.      

Bring all those questions and more. It will be interactive, so bring your devices (iPad, iPhone, laptop etc.,) your passwords, we'll supply the Wi-Fi and we'll give you some crazy mad social media skillz!  

Thursday, September 26  7:00 - 8:30  North Pointe Boston Pizza, 388 Country Hills Blvd. Please RSVP pmcdowell@shaw.ca Non-members are always welcome.


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