Weird bookmarks ...

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post of my 'how I got published story' to bring you a post I contributed to another web site.  
It's called Forgotten Bookmarks and it's a little quirky. I contributed this post after finding some weird stuff in a book my friend Amber loaned me. 
What do open toed shoes, shopping, manicures and a genre busting political activist band have in common? Find out at Forgotten Bookmarks. 


Michael Popek said…
It was a nice find!
LeapingGazelle said…
Yes - Jan is obsessed with my 'bookmarks'. She constantly admonishes me for the weird and random things I leave in them and do to them- sticky finger prints, dead mosquitos, coffee stains, broken spines and dog eared pages are another topic entirely. I may remind you that I lend you these books free of charge. We have some philosophical differences. She believes books are to be revered. I believe books are to be devoured and stuffed with the junk of life.

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