We wish you a Merry Blogmas!

From all of us here at Three Dead Moths ... (which is pretty much me and a crazed cat who used to live with the coyotes who is on my lap chewing on my knuckles as I type this - oh, how we suffer for our art!) best wishes for the holiday season. 

If you celebrate Christmas - hope it's a great time spent with friends and family, and I hope Santa Paws (or Santa Claws) brings you lots of time to read and write in the new year. 

If you don't celebrate Christmas, I hope you have a chance to take a break during this holiday time and spend time with friends and family. 
Santa Paws & Santa Claws resting for the big night

I'm grateful to my bloggowers, friends and family world wide who share in the love of reading and writing. 

Literacy is a gift we should not take for granted, and it is a gift we should share.  

I'm grateful to be immersed in a supportive community of writers and surrounded by positive people who encourage my dreams of taking over the world one manuscript at a time.   

My favourite Christmas flash mob will take us out today with thoughts of Hallelujah and New York Fries... let's order up a side of peace on earth for 2017 y'all! 


Diane Girard said…
A very Merry Christmas to you and yours! May the lights shine brightly on you.
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Diane! Same to you!
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Jan, and that 2011 is your best year yet...
I pretty much love whatever you put in parentheses... lol
Hope your Christmas was wonderful and that you have a fantastic new year!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Jennifer! Christmas was great and I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2011. All the best to you!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Sharon. Hope 2011 is your best year ever as well!