Literary Salon in the wilds of the rockies

The books of the authors and poet who read at the salon.
When you think of literary salons (not to be confused with saloons) you think berets, poets and absinthe. You also think time travel because literary salons were big (before they invented TV or the internet) in the 17th century in France. 

They are making a come back. I attended one last weekend at the home of author Barb Howard in her home nestled in the pine trees at the foot of the majestic rocky mountains. 

There be lotz of treez in Canada
Barb started hosting literary salons to expose Alberta authors and poets to readers who love books that you might not find in large bookstores overrun with books written by a dead Swedish guy

It was an informal gathering of about twenty five enthusiasts of the written word. There was wine, cheese and bread (the three food groups for writers) and readings by authors Lori Hahnel, Anne Sorbie and poet Tyler Perry

And there be cheez! 

It was a great way to discover new writers and a great way to expose the authors to a new audience, and maybe start a little word of mouth. 

So here's to literary salons! Think about starting one in a living room near you (she says raising a glass of absinthe!)  


Lori Hahnel said…
Hey! I didn't get any of that absinthe! But I did have an unbelievably good time. Sublime, in fact. Afternoons like that are just perfect -- thanks for coming, Jan, and thanks to Barb, Anne and Tyler.
How heavenly does that seem. Salivating.
Jan Markley said…
Next time Lori, we'll have to make sure you get your absinthe! It was a great afternoon and thanks to Barb for arranging it.

It was heavenly Leanne, beautiful location, interesting people and great books! What more could you want?!
Barb Howard said…
Thanks for blogging it! And for the photos that remind me that it was only last week when the snow was almost gone from the land behind our house. I didn't see the absinthe either...maybe in the closet where the rest of our household junk was hidden?
Jan Markley said…
No problem Barb. Your house was as neat as a mechanical pencil, so I'm glad to hear there was some junk in the closets. I didn't get a pic of your dog who, I'm sure he's very nice at other times, sounded like he wanted me as an appetizer!
Anita said…
Oh, man! What a great idea! I am so jealous!
Jan Markley said…
It is a good idea Anita and easily replicated!
Super idea. Warms my heart. I'm placing salons on my manifesting list today. Thanks Jan.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful idea, Jan! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Raising my literary glass...cheers!
Jan Markley said…
Thought you would like that Deb , since you are all about the book club and book talking!