A Sasquatch writer in Amish country

Well, I'm leaving my Sasquatch writing cave to head to the back woods of Pennsylvania (not to be confused with Transylvania) to not get mugged by an Amish person (because they are probably too busy using my old dial up modem) and to participate in the Highlights Foundation Whole Novel Workshop!  

I'll be workshopping my contemporary (sorry no vampires or zombies!) young adult manuscript.

From everything I've heard about the workshop from other writers who've attended, and the feedback I've already received and calibre of the faculty and the other participants - it's going to be a great week!

Not only has my novel been critiqued by a New York Times Bestselling novelist Nancy Werlin, there will be one-on-one feedback sessions, workshops and time to re-write in my cabin in the back woods.

So, I'm ready to spill some ink, write until my fingers bleed, and learn a whole lot.

Off to throw an old dictionary in the blender and make a word smoothie so I'll be full up with words and they will come spilling out when I need them!  


Angela Ackerman said…
Have a great time, Jan! :)
Unknown said…
I can't wait to hear how it went, Jan, and for you to share what you learned in the crit during our next lunch. We're going to glow in your new found wisdom. :D
Cecile said…
This is fantastic!
JennaQuentin said…
Hope it was great! I have one of your fans asking to read a new book ;)