Meditation and Writing

Shout out to Young Alberta Book Society (YABS) members in Calgary as we present another YABS-Confab.  

This time it's about meditation and writing or as I like to say: we're going to get our Ommm on!
Maureen Bush will talk about meditation, with a brief introduction to how to do it, and then talk about how it supports writing. 

Note: Carolyn Fisher and I asked Maureen to talk about this as we know that she meditates. She says that she is a serious meditator, but not a meditation instructor.

Tuesday, November 26, 

6:45 pm, Louise Riley Library. 

We only have the space until 8:30, thus the early start time.

The program room is in a separate building, at the far end of the main parking lot.

The room is free, but the library requires we each have a Calgary library card. If you do not, please let Maureen know, so we can work around it.

She'll bring a meditation cushion so she can demonstrate while sitting on one. 

Feel free to bring a cushion or sit in a chair. 

Comfortable clothing and a relaxed attitude a must!