Merry Christmas Flash Mobs

Merry Christmas to all my bloggowers who celebrate Christmas. HappyThursday to those who don't! Here's hoping everyone will have a nice break over the holiday season (to do some writing and eat chocolate).

As you know I'm all about the flash mob. I've said it before and I'll say it again, pleeeeeze someone, somewhere invite me to participate in a flash mob. I'm waiting for an invitation (I dance gangsta y'all!). 

What do I like about flash mobs? They make people happy - simple enough! The people who participate and the people who watch - all happy. 

Here are three flash mobs to enjoy. 

The first one is dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela for showing us that we can change the world. 

The second is legendary and I'm sure you've seen it (if you haven't you must live in a cave and haven't heard that aliens invented the world wide interweb). It is a classic flash mob - random people, dressed randomly (not like performers) in a random location (mall food courts seem to be popular) who break into song (and often dance) perform, and then go about their business like nothing has happened - that's a flash mob!  

This is a Canadian flash mob (in les deux langues official no less), gotta love those Canadians eh?! The security guard is running a little schtick in the beginning when he tries to stop it before assuming his rightful place on stage as the lead singer. 

Looking forward to a productive and peaceful 2015 for one and all! 


The Wicked Lady said…
Merry Christmas Jan! There are flash mob opportunities galore in Vancouver -- I was invited to two this year (that I couldn't make due to other commitments). You'll just have to move out to Lotusland!
Jan Markley said…
That is super cool Wicked Lady/Jennifer that you've been invited to participate in flash mobs. Clearly, I live in the wrong town and hang out with non-flash mobby types!
The Wicked Lady said…
These are the two:

The first was because the producer used to dance at the same studio as I do. The second (which isn't very mob-like) was through Academie Duello.

If you don't hang out with mobby people you could always produce your own. Flash mob a children's book store! I'm sure one of your talented nieces would make an excellent director...
Jan Markley said…
Good to know, I'll check out those links! I'll have to start my own flash mob, and you're right, my niece could be the director!