Keys to being a successful writer

There's a lot of talk on the internet about how to become a successful writer. Nothing new here: butt-in-chair time, steely determination and persistence, ongoing craft development, and a social media presence are some of the elements needed.

But I'm going to tell you the other things you need to become a successful writer:

1) Warm socks and a cup of tea. Because let's face it, if you're toes are cold then nothing is going to get written and if you're parched it will be hard to summon up any empathy for your protag;

2) an editor that will shred your prose with razor sharp acuity;
But Stubby I liked that adverb! 

3) A second editor that will make you work through distractions and force you to see through the cat hair to the essence of your story;
Get off the key board Sprite 

4) Licorice. Just because it's licorice;

5) The other essential food group for writers and lots of it;

6) A little irony to throw at the life of a writer; and

I like my irony with a side of cheese!
7) great, supportive writing friends to share the irony of the writing life!

Raise a glass of irony to a supportive writing community! 

I've certainly found a supportive writing community here through the Young Alberta Book Society, the Writers' Guild of Alberta, and internationally through the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Book launch season is coming up, support your local and international writing peeps!

And now that you know how to be a successful writer -- go forth and write! 

Forsooth, is this a cup of tea I see before me? 

Warm and milky, just the way I like it! 


Angela Ackerman said…
Haha, great post, Jan! How was the wine?
Jan Markley said…
Haven't actually opened it! It's been too busy with photo shoots!
This was great! I shall go forth and conquer words
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Dawn! Hopefully you have the help of wine, chocolate and furry friends!