Chai Tea and Chicken wings – or the making of the DFOTP video

I’m not above bribing someone to get what I want. My 12 year old niece Teaghan (aka Director of Marketing and Video Production for the DFOTP team) makes awesome videos. She has her own you tube channel and she just designed and created a website called the Big Green Project for kids to save the earth one act of conservation at a time (both kids and adults can join).
So if it meant keeping her hepped up on a steady supply of sweet milky chai, chicken wings and pizza from Little Caesars, tootsie rolls, sushi, raspberries, cucumbers, warm blankets over her shoulder, and TV and cat cuddling breaks – well, I was prepared to do that. And we’re both thrilled with the result.
I’m launching both the video and a DFOTP book give away contest.
So this is how it will work. You need to answer the question below and email me the answer on the contact page of the website. Don’t leave the answer in the comment box of the blog because everyone will see it. I will give away two books. I’d like one of the winners to be from around here (i.e., Canada) and the other to be ‘not from these parts’(i.e., UK, USA, Australia, South Africa or anywhere else you read this blog.). The contest will run from Monday November 16 to Friday November 20th. I will announce the winners on Monday November 23rd and will contact the winners by email. Then I’ll put the book on the Canada Post dog sled team and point it in the winners' direction.
Here’s the question:
In the opening pages of Dead Frog on the Porch, Cyd accidently kills her twin sister Jane's frog. What is the name of the frog?
The answer is in the video.


Anonymous said…
Great job, Teaghan - love the music!

Jan, your book looks very entertaining :)

Sherry B

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