A "little bit famous" and the dishwasher ...

Since this blog is about where writing meets life ... or where life meets writing, I thought I'd share my new favourite quote about writing. It's by S.E. Hinton, author of, among many y/a books, The Outsiders. I first heard this quote when she was recently interviewed by Michael Enright of CBC, and found it in an interview with Don Swain from 1987 which may be the original quote.
Don asked S.E. how her life has changed since the success of The Outsiders. Here's the quote:
"People have a funny idea about what a little bit famous does for you ... a little bit famous in the writer's field doesn't come in and empty your dishwasher every morning ... doesn't do much for you really."
To me, that means we need to focus on the writing and continuously improving our craft. Good resolution for the New Year. You can listen to the full 20 minute interview with S.E. Hinton through the link above.
And to celebrate a new year of writing and 2010 as the Year of the Tiger - here's to tigers and their contribution to writing. Every writer needs a supportive cat (or substitute the small domestic animal of your choice) perched on their keyboard.


Dawn said…
Jan, SE Hinton's book Outsiders was one of the reasons I wanted to be a writer. A brilliant story - and now a classic. (Not a bad movie either.) How true her quote is :-)
Angie said…
Love the pictures, and the quote.

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