Inspiration in all the right places ...

I got back from London, England a few weeks before the phrase 'giant-collossal-ginormous-volcanic ash cloud' was part of the lexicon. And before everyone questioned their faith as water-cooler chats centred around the concept of an act of god or nature or mother earth and which god and whose god?! Back in simpler times.

When I was in the hotel before my flight left I saw Alicia Keys perform the song Empire State of Mind. I found it to be inspirational.

I also found inspiration from the school visit I did last week at Bowness High School. I was invited to speak about the life of a writer as part of LitFest (which ended with a birthday party for Shakespeare – I hear he was a no show – typical, playwrights eh!).

Two high school classes listened to me drone on about the life of a writer. My presentation had all the makings of a thriller. There was internal conflict (as I explained how writers have to make a living while pursuing their dream of writing) there was suspense (as I told the story of how I got published) and there was resolution and emotional growth of the character as I talked about how writers have to see rejection in a whole new light (it’s not me – it’s you!).
But most of all there were tons of great, insightful and thoughtful questions from the students, many of whom (or is that who) were writers. I hope I managed to inspire them and hook them up with some writing resources both on the web and in the province.
They certainly inspired me with their enthusiasm and creativity. That gives me the boost I need to start writing the third in the MegaByte Mystery series Dead Bee in the Sarcophagus. Or maybe at least I’ll finish my taxes!
As Alicia Keys sings: "there's nothing you can't do!"


Angie said…
Sounds like a cool school visit and some great inspiration!
Dawn said…
You spoke at my old stomping grounds - I'm a Bowness graduate. I have no doubt you inspired :-)

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