Random and Awesome pictures from Bologna

Here are some random and awesome pictures of Bologna, just because and why not.
This blog is about where writing meets life or where life meets writing and let me tell you, there is no place that life hits you like Italy. I'm still dreaming about the amazing tortellini that I had at one restaurant - al 15 Osteria.
Massive tortellini that had recently bathed in butter and frolicked with basil!
Shoes that my friend Emily would drool over. And hams that all my other friends would drool over.
Scooters ...
Flowers ...
And a novel idea I discovered - while waiting for a midnight bus from Stansted Airport to Heathrow Airport that never showed up (another story for another time!) - a vending machine that dispenses novels - a 'novel idea' indeed!
Next post: what a coffee shop has to do with Canadian identity!