Video Vednesday! (with a blogiversary twist)

Thanks to all who've already entered the Three Dead Moths ... blogiversary book give away contest!

And for those who haven't entered there is still time. 

Here's the contest - there are two copies of my debut novel Dead Frog on the Porch to win.

If you already follow this blog (thanks) you get 1 point.

If you become a follower: 1 point.

If you leave a comment: 1 point.

If you cross post this contest to your blog: 3 points.

If you cross post this to your Face Book:  3 points.

If you cross post the book trailer video to your blog or Face Book: 3 points.

If you feel you have earrings that rival the coolness of the earrings worn by Jocossa of the Earrings and you send me a pic of your earrings: that's like 5 points because that probably entails rummaging around in your jewelry box, finding the camera, charging the battery, and then finding various bits of cable to download and send the photo (send through the email on the website).

When you leave your comment please tell me what you did and add up your points - bloggowers, I'm a writer, not a mathematician or an accountant or someone who ever got pleasure in counting the number of jelly beans in a jar.

If you can stand on your head and divide by zero you get my undying admiration.

Contest closes Friday (June 18th), winner to be announced shortly after.  

For Video Vednesday we're taking a walk down blog video lane with the videos that my 12 year old niece designed and produced for me (She blogs at Tiny Canadian).

Sprite Doesn't Like Rejection features my crazy rescue cat that, as you've seen, shreds book covers, and in this video she is shredding my rejection letters from agents. The second video is the DFOTP video book trailer. 



Anonymous said…
Hah! You GO Sprite. Might have to hire that cat, lol.

p.s. _love_ the name coffee cup productions!
Jan Markley said…
Sprite's calmed down about 600%, now all she does is chew TV guides!
Rebecca C said…
I thought I was a dog person, until I saw this video of Sprite. Just my kind of animal!

Congratulations on the blogiversary and thanks for running the giveaway. I follow via facebook but I don't think that counts. So 3 for posting link on Facebook and 5 for sending a photo privately in my earrings. :) 9 altogether.

Best wishes,
Jan Markley said…
Wow Rebecca! that's above and beyond the blog of duty! I'm going to put it up in the next post.