Video Wednesday!

It's Video Wednesday (or Video Venesday)!
In the song Tik Tok by Kesha there's a line "... woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy." I asked my niece, "what does that mean feeling like P. Diddy? I thought he was this big international business man. So, she wakes up and feels like putting on a business suit and making a multi-national deal? And then she talks about brushing her teeth with a bottle of jack!?"
My niece responded with a sign of profound exasperation, threw me the classic 12 year old rolling back of the eyes look and drawled, "Jannie, nobody listens to the lyrics!"
Here's a version of that song done from a writers pov, it's called Writers Blok by Jackson Pearce. And it goes something like this "... writing starts soon enough, got to finish other stuff ... tik tok on the clock, let's just call it writers' block." It's actually funnier the second time you watch it. P.S.: I don't believe in writers' block but that a whole other blog post.
I found this video on the
The Writer's Ladders blog. And it's here on Video
Venesday because it's really cool.


Anonymous said…
Just what I needed before digging into a revision-thanks! And, can I also just say I'm glad I had nothing in my mouth when I read this:

"Jannie, nobody listens to the lyrics!"

Jade said…
I saw that Jackson Pearce video the other week and it's a special kind of awesome. It never gets old!
Jan Markley said…
Deb, yes, my niece keeps me up to date on tween culture.

Jade, it's a great video. she's got a bunch more she's done. I'll try to feature them in the future.
Jennifer Landels said…
Curse you Jan Markley!! I just avoided another half an hour of productive work by watching videos by the awesome Jackson Pearce!

Love the new look by the way...
Jan Markley said…
Sorry Jennifer! I'm supposed to encourage people to write, forgot! She's got some great videos, and some of them are instructive ... so it's all good!

I'll be launching a book giveaway contest in the next day or so to celebrate the new look and my one year blogiversary!

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