Dead Bird through the Cat Door Book Cover!

It's here! The book cover for my latest novel Dead Bird through the Cat Door! It's the second in the Megabyte Mystery series for middle grade readers (kids aged 8-12). 

Here's a bit longer description than what was able to fit on the back of the book cover.

Dead birds? Stolen cats? C’est what? When Cyd and Jane’s cat Yin gets kidnapped – that’s when it gets personal.
Once again, Cyd and her animal loving twin Jane are up to their bird beaks in intrigue cracking the latest Megabyte Mystery. The director of the bird sanctuary, Aviary Finch, is stealing cats to kill birds. But why? Their new sidekick Todd – who’s side is he on anyway?
The twins use the latest technology and Shakespeare’s Macbeth to help crack the case. Methinks the culprits doth protest too much! Will Cyd and Jane save the sanctuary, free the birds, and return the cats to their natural habitat of their owners’ laps? It’s predator eats predator when evil meets crazy!

Advance Praise for Dead Bird through the Cat Door:

"Mystery-solving twins, a bird hater out of Macbeth, and
lots of giggly wordplay -- good fun!"

“A zany and zippy follow up to Dead Frog on the Porch.
Snoopy twins Cyd and Jane are on the hunt for a bird killer,
but they expose an eco-conspiracy instead. Their over-the top
antics will have young readers laughing and clamouring
for more. This delightful novel places author Jan Markley in
the catbird seat among funny mystery writers.”


The Wicked Lady said…
Hooray! Great cover -- even better than the first one (which was pretty good).
Jade said…
Love the new cover!! What's the release date? I'm looking forward to catching up with the twins again!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Wicked Lady - I'm really happy with it.

Thanks Jade, I know how much you love book covers. It should be released in about three weeks. I'll let everyone know!
WOW! What a great cover! Congratulations, Jan!
LTM said…
LOVE it! That's super exciting--congrats, Jan~ :o)
Dawn said…
Love the cover, Jan! Looking forward to reading this book very much. Congrats.
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Jennifer, Leigh and Dawn! I'm super excited as well about the cover and this book coming out soon!
Talli Roland said…
Fantastic, Jan! I love the cover and the story sounds fab!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Talli! It's a funny and suspenseful read!
Ishta Mercurio said…
Great cover! How exciting. It never wears off, does it?

Your book sounds fun - I'll have to look for it when it's out.
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Ishta! It is a great cover and no, the excitement never wears off. I'll let everyone know when it's available.

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