Human Skulls, Creepy Doll Coffins, and Defying Gravity

I'm back from New York city! It was frawesome (hybrid of fricken & awesome) as usual. I went to my niece's wedding which was beautiful. And spent the rest of the time kicking it in the city with family.

The doll in the suitcase was in the overhead bin above unlucky aisle 13. A little creepy. I think it's what happens when you answer 'yes', like I did, to the following boarder crossing guard's question. Here's our conversation:

Border crossing dude: Do you have anything sharp or delicate in your carry-on bag?  

Me: Yes, in my lunch.

Border crossing dude: You have something sharp in your lunch? Sharp cheese, maybe?

Me: No, not sharp, delicate.

Border crossing dude: What's delicate in your lunch?

Me: Pita bread.

Border crossing dude: Yes, it is.

Okay, border crossing guys - not telling you how to do your job, but maybe the words 'sharp' and 'delicate' shouldn't be in the same sentence ... just saying!

Here are some of the pictorial highlights:

'Oh, that's just creepy!' My niece at the Evolution store

The Evolution Store in SoHo
Could be called 'human skulls R Us'

File this under: Way tooooo much information!
At the Hershey store. Do you have any bigger chocolate bars? 
Nephew wearing a piece of art created for him.

Where word nerds go to party! 

Bought four new books for the pile. While taking this picture I narrowly escaping death as I was on the path of a skateborder who was being filmed. When they shouted at me to move, I proceeded to run right into his flight path. Tourists eh?!

Guy waiting for subway - tired from reading a giant book. 
If owls are so wise, how did they manage to get stuck on the side of a building?! 

If you get a chance to see the musical Wicked I would highly recommend it. Here's an inspiring song from the play about defying your limitations and gravity - which is what all writers need to do.

On Thursday kc dyer will guest post. She is a Canadian author and past organizer of the Surrey International Writers Conference. She will be talking about her new book Facing Fire which is a sequel to her book A Walk through a Window. It's part of a blog tour and there will be an opportunity to win a copy of her book. More deets on Thursday.

I also had a chat with Jocosa of the Earrings when I was in NY, and we'll have an update next week on the vow that she took not to cut her hair until she gets published.

I'm off to defy gravity!


Candy Gourlay said…
oh i saw Wicked recently and LOVED it! what a great musical. looks like you had a fab trip - i want your nephew's hat!
Jan Markley said…
Wicked was wicked! Sometimes a witch is misunderstood! The hat was done by a street artist, my nephew asked him if he could paint one with Stewie from Family Guy and my sister pulled up a photo on her iphone and the guy painted it right there and then! Gotta love NY!
Karen said…
I'm going to Toronto in early November and plan to take my daughter to see Wicked while we're there. Looking forward to it.
Jan Markley said…
You and your daughter will enjoy Wicked Karen!
Anne R. Allen said…
What a great trip! Thanks for the pix. But I agree the raccoon thing was a little TMI! Cute little guy, though. That's the way I like raccoons--stuffed. When they're in my yard, beating up the neighbor's dog--not so much.
Jan Markley said…
Yes, Anne, definitely TMI. Luckily, where I live we don't have to worry about raccoons (just coyotes). When I lived in Toronto a friend of mine narrowly stopped a family of raccoons from running through her cat door!
Dawn said…
I love New York - the bustle, the amazing nightlife, the people, the food. I think a part of me has always wanted to live in New York. But. I need to go with you, because I didn't see half of what you did (raccoon penises!) and I can't convince anyone in my family to see Wicked with me :-(
Jan Markley said…
Dawn: It's amazing what you find when you just wander around NY. Your stepdaughter would love Wicked. I or my niece would go with you anytime. It's the second time she and my sis saw it.
I love NYC. I'm waiting to land an agent so I can visit her. :D

Of course she'll no doubt live in the Antartic. :(

Okay, the escaping doll picture is going to give me nightmares tonight. Chucky anyone?
Jan Markley said…
Stina: that is secretly my plan as well! The doll thing was creepy. I only saw it because the flight attendant opened the overhead bin and I'm like - c'est what now!? And I asked to take a pic.
Solvang Sherrie said…
Great photos! Like Stina I want to visit NY after I have an agent and a publishing contract :)
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Sherrie! That would be a sweet time to visit!
Talli Roland said…
Love the pics! And there's an evolution store - how cool!

That doll was creepy. Just... creepy.
Jan Markley said…
Talli: I know right, creepy!
These are awesome photos! I've only been to NYC once and I'm dying to go back. If I was still in Toronto it'd be so much closer...

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