Who’d win a smack down between Nancy Drew and Lady Macbeth?

Dead Bird through the Cat Door (Gumboot Books 2010) is like when Lady Macbeth meets Nancy Drew. Out dang spot, out!

For some reason Shakespeare gets involved in the mystery of why the director of the bird sanctuary Aviary Finch is kidnapping cats to kill birds. There’s also an owl named Mr. Hootenanny who figures prominently. Twin detectives Cyd and Jane use old fashioned curiosity and new technology to help solve the mystery. 

Which makes people who know me laugh given that I still have a VCR! I’ve described my self as a neo-luddite who has transformed into the Empress of the Embedded link since starting this blog (I mentioned that at a social media workshop at the SiWC and they tweeted out that 'The Empress of the Embedded link was in the room!'). Then I joined the … what century is this again? and joined FaceBook. Now I’m taking another step toward the final frontier and have signed up for twitter

Yes, you can safely call me a twit and you'd be right (0n one account)!

Please go and follow me there since I haven’t yet figured out how to find people on twitter and if you can suggest some groups for me to follow of people who are interested in children's literature I'd appreciate it!

If you think the pace of technology is cyber slick, it is. This video gives you a view of the world from the view point of technological advances over the last few decades.

And when things are going too fast, have a bowl of lentil soup/stew and a cup of chai tea and consider this: Who do you think would win in a smack down between Nancy Drew and Lady Macbeth?  


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