Dead Bird arrived through the Cat Door!

As an author there are many moments to celebrate that don't involve you breaking the led on your mechanical pencil or writing until you fingers bleed - the moment your new book arrives is one of them. 

Waiting for your new book to arrive is like The Da Vinci Code meets the Lord of the Rings. They are on a quest from your publisher to you, but figuring out where they are and when they will arrive is like cracking the da vinci code - even in this day and age of electronic connectivity! 

You'll remember last year when my debut novel in the Megabyte Mystery series, Dead Frog on the Porch arrived in the nick of time for the book launch. 
This year I didn't have that problem. Copies of the second in the series Dead Bird through the Cat Door are safely at Owl's Nest Books for the book launch on November 27th at 2:00 pm (see how I just snuck that in there!?). (P.S. There's already a review up at the Amazon site - click on the link). 

The books didn't actually arrive 
through the cat door, they arrived

through the shipping company who shall remain nameless due to the fact that their 1-800 number is attached to a voice mail box that is full - really, seriously! They don't have the phone number or address of the local warehouse on their website. 

But with the superior sleuthing skills that I picked up from my twin protags Cyd and Jane, I found the address through the Canada Customs website - seriously can you make it any harder for me to find my package! My spidey senses told me that they would only be open until noon on a Saturday so I hightailed it down there. 

Got most of my books, there are still two boxes on the truck and they will continue their quest back to my house where I won't be there to receive it!

But *sigh* I've got books in my ink stained hands and they are fantastic! 
Okay, now I'm just bragging ...


Angela Ackerman said…
That's a great looking cover, Jan!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Angela - I'm really happy with it!
LTM said…
hooray! Congrats, Jan! :o) <3
Kathy Martyna said…
I got my version already - Kindle style. Congrats Jan, you are my first ebook!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Kathy! You rock something awesome! Let me know what you think of Dead Bird through the Cat Door !
How exciting! Really exciting! Woohoo!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Samantha! It is exciting!
Jared Hunt said…
Glad they made it on time. :)

Also curious about your shipping woes... :(
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Jennifer! Jared, me too! Yes, shipping woes curious and curiouser!