Book Lovers Christmas Sale and Awesome writing peeps!

Armed with a mixed tape of Simon and Garfunkel live in Central Park from the late 80s, I'll be well equipped to drive across the bald prairies Saturday morning to Edmonton. 

I'll be participating in the Book Lovers Christmas Sale put on by the Writers Guild of Alberta

The Book Lover's Christmas sale runs from noon-5 pm at the Stanley A. Milner Library in the Centennial Room. More than forty Alberta authors (with over 100 titles) published in a wide range of genres (adult fiction&non-fiction, young adult, poetry, children's etc.,) will be on hand to sign books. 

If that doesn't fill your literary heart with feelings of joy and anticipation then what will?  

I'll be there from noon to about 3:30 signing copies of my debut novel Dead Frog on the Porch and the second in the Megabyte Mystery series Dead Bird through the Cat DoorI'll be doing a micro reading from Dead Bird through the Cat Door at 1:00 pm (note to self: figure out what a micro reading is before Saturday).

Other authors like Marty Chan, Karen Bass, Judith Graves, Alice Major, Linda Goyette and Bob Stallworthy will be on hand. 

Make a dent in that holiday shopping for the book lovers in your life!

My awesome critiquing group - the Kensignton Writes' Group had a combo holiday potluck and meeting to talk about marketing. We laughed, we ate, we talked, we drank, we updated each other on what we'd been up to writing wise, and we ate some more.
Who says writers don't know how to party!
L-R Naomi, Susan, Allan, Shenaaz, Moi, Frances - good looking bunch eh!?
They asked me to talk to the group about marketing beause I have this here blog, ya know. We had a fulsome discussion around marketing and then Naomi and I helped the rest figure out their face book accounts - baby cyber steps!  


Angie said…
Oh, yes. Writers know how to party! The book signing sounds fun. We always get lots of books for Christmas. Even though I can't come buy one in person, Dead Bird Through the Cat Door will still be one of them!
Sarah Butland said…
The book sale is a grand idea!! I'd love to take part if I was a bit closer. Have fun and don't buy more than you sell :)
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Angie! Let me know what your kids think of it. Yes, Sarah, that's the problem with book sales - I suspect I'll come home with a few new ones!
shenaaz said…
Awesome 101 Marketing Jan!
Yes, writers need fuel as badly as ink.
Jan Markley said…
Hi Shenaaz! Great that you figured out how to leave a comment to blog-finity and beyond!

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