Why authors are elusive

Do you ever wonder why writers are elusive? Why they act like the Sasquatch and retreat to their caves eschewing all human contact? It's not just for the chai tea and the sour ju jubes.

It may be because as soon as you tell someone you're a writer, you find yourself in the midst of this conversation. If you haven't seen this yet, it is hilarious and gives you insight into the life of a writer. I laugh/cried all over my keyboard, then went back to writing.

I won't be elusive on Thursday - I'll be the guest author over at N.R. Williams' Blog. She's a fantasy writer from Colorado and has a popular blog.

Check out my guest blog post on Thursday!


Angie said…
Yes, this video is hilarious. Love it! I'll try to check out your guest post.
Jan Markley said…
Agreed Angie - this is a great video!
Lola Sharp said…
Did you say chai tea? YUM!

I am typing this around my cat much like your picture...she loves the warmth from my laptop. Makes things difficult.

Yeah, I posted that video a couple weeks ago because it is HILARIOUS. "I'm going to get my gun now" he he! Cracks me up.

Happy weekend,
Jan Markley said…
Yes, my cat is sitting on a corner of the keyboard as we speak. I think one more batch of chai tea and my niece and I will finish the video this weekend. It is a super hilarious video!

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