DFOTP review and random thoughts ...

Dead Frog on the Porch was reviewed by Lindsey Carmichael on her blog 10storiesup. Leslie is a bookseller, reviewer and writer. She loves children's and young adult literature and created a review blog. She's also pretty good at wrangling cats - the pics on her blog are her cats!
She is aka Dr. Carmichael since she has a PhD in genetics. That made her particularly interested in what Dr. Bert Tallbot (aka The Cheese Pie Man) was doing cooking up giant frogs in the lab!
You can read the review here and an interview with moi here
If you are an author and would like Leslie to consider reviewing your book email her at:lindsey@foxtalk.ca She is partial to Canadian authors but she is open to reviewing works by authors outside of Canada.
Under the heading of random thoughts I keep forgetting to let people know that I will be teaching two writing courses through the Chinook Learning Services (Continuing Education Calgary Board of Education) in 2010. The first one is called Writing with Humour and the second is called Writing Queries that Pop (I wanted to call it Writing Kick-Butt Query Letters - but they wouldn't let me use the word butt ... just saying).
There are various dates for the courses in the winter and spring. The courses run either a full day or two evenings in a week.
If you're interested, check out the links.
Next blog post: Diorama Dan and Tofu Man. Curious? I know I am! ;-j


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