Diorama Dan and Tofu Man

All those hours, days, weeks, and months of sitting in my Sasquatch writing cave - sweating in the summer and shivering under my buffalo throw in the winter - while writing my novel Dead Frog on the Porch, I dreamed of many things. I dreamed that the manuscript would become a novel (which it did), an e-book and an iphone app (which it will shortly), a movie, a Japanese anime movie, and a book on tape. But I never dreamed it would become a diorama.

In fact I never knew what a diorama was until someone told me about the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum (yes, you read that correctly) in Torrington, Alberta. The museum has dioramas of stuffed gophers in town scenes. Like the diorama of the gophers in the barber shop. Can you imagine the person who pitched that idea to the town council (“It’ll be great, we take the road kill gophers, stuff them, dress them up as town folk and put them in dioramas of town scenes.”)

Well my book has been made into a diorama by a young reader I call Diorama Dan. Dan made the diorama for a book report of DFOTP (Hope you got an A+ Dan!). It's awesome!

Dan is not only an avid reader, but he’s a writer. He wrote a short story called Tofu Man. It seems that Tofu Man is fighting Martians who are pummeling earth with hams.

Tofu Man teams up with Soba (noodle) Man and they build a shield to protect the earth from the Martian hams. Saving vegetarians the world over … earth vegetarians live another day to eat tofu and soba.

Other wacky, er, unique and interesting attractions in Alberta (apart from the Rockie mountains) are the giant perogy in Glendon, Alberta and the Star Trek Space Ship landing pad in Vulcan, Alberta ... just saying.


Lori Hahnel said…
Whoa...Dan isn't home right now but he's going to love this. Especially Tofu Man. He'll say, "That pones your face." Don't ask me what it means, but that's what he'll say.
Angie said…
What a great diorama. Tofu man sounds like something my kids would come up with. I really must visit that gopher hole museum someday.

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