Having a job is a good thing - the rest of the reasons why it's good for writers to have jobs

Well folks, here are the last  of the eleven reasons that having a job is a good thing for a writer. Notice I didn't mention money? Well money is a good thing. Keeps the sasquatch writing cave warm in the winter and keeps a writer fueled with lots of sushi and sour ju jubes in the summer all year round. 

6.)  You learn how to schedule your time. When it’s time to write, it’s time to write. None of this waiting for your muse crap. Forward your muse your schedule and tell her/him to get a move on. 

7.)   You appreciate the time when you can write.

8.)  You can indulge your active fantasy life at work. There is nothing like a three hour conference call to concoct your marketing strategy in your head, or an all day visioning session to free up your mind to come up with that latest plot synopsis. 

9.)  You understand that it’s all about relationship management. At work, you have to get along with your colleagues and network with those in other organizations. The same goes for your publishing life. It’s all about relationship management whether it’s with your publisher, editor, prospective agent, booksellers, teachers, conference organizers, book reviewers, members of the media, other writers and/or your readers. You are a business and a business person manages relationships and maintains networks.

10.)  You’ll have friends in all walks of life, which are handy when you need them to come to a book launch or network for you.

11.)  You can steal office supplies. Kidding, kidding, no really … just kidding.  Note to self: need more of those little neon lime green sticky note pads. 


Angie said…
All great reasons to have a job. Of course, my job doesn't pay much and I couldn't quit even if I wanted to.
Amber Hamilton said…
Ha! Love your photo punchline!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Amber, there are some great pics on google images!
WritingNut said…
Great advice Jan! And I love the photo! :)
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Writing Nut, there are some awesome pics on the web.