Blogging, Anthropology and the road to Publication - an interview on Indie-Debut

I was interviewed today over on Indie-Debut 2010 by Danika Dinsmore a debut middle grade author who blogs at The Accidental Novelist. 

Indie-Debut 2010 is a group of first-time authors who've joined together to spread the word about their books that hail from small presses. So, since I'm both a debut author and published with a smaller press she interviewed me. 

It was a fun interview process. 

She used words like "amusing," "personality" and "nifty." 

She asked questions about graphics, blogging, and publishing. 

I said things like: "... I hate to go all anthropological on you ..."

She asked me if I was a social media hypnotist

I said: "you are getting sleepier ..."  

So do you see what I'm doing here? Trying to get you to the site with the interview ... ;-j Hmmmm ... maybe I am a hypnotist, who knew!?

You'll also want to check out Danika's website and take a look at her debut fantasy adventure novel Brigitta of the White Forest.  Here's a bit of what the book is about: 

Brigitta is a young Water Faerie from the village-nest of Tiragarrow. She’s anxious about going through The Change, as she doesn’t see how destiny markings on her wings should determine her life’s path.
A few days before the annual Festival of the Elements, Brigitta is flying an errand with her tag-a-long sister when a mysterious curse turns everyone in the White Forest to stone, except for the two of them. They have no idea why they were not cursed, but they do know if they don’t turn everyone back in time for the festival rituals, the Hourglass of Protection will run out and so will its protective field around the forest.
With no one in their forest left to help them, they must leave the protected realm to seek an exiled faerie they have only heard about in ancient tales.


Dawn said…
Fun interview. And nice, subtle, blog hopping technique ;-)
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Dawn. Yeah, subtle as a soft brick wrapped in a blog post ;-j
Anonymous said…
You forgot to mention the part where I called us a well-oiled social media machine.
Jan Markley said…
Oh, right. Attention everyone: Danika and I are a well-oiled social media machine - you heard it here first!
Angela said…
Okay, I'm going to grab my dictionary and head over there to check it out!
Angela said…
off to grab my dictionary and check out the interview!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Angela, I'm going to do a really anthropological blog post soon! No dictionary required.

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