Hug a Librarian - Part Deux & Video Vednesday!

In the ongoing celebration of libraries and reading I present Video Vednesday featuring library related videos. 

This one's hilarious:

"'s by the man who wrote the other one ..." 

And I can't let you go until you see librarians singing and dancing.               "... check out that book like, ya." 

Pop over to Cindy's Love of Books this Friday where she'll review my debut novel for young readers Dead Frog on the Porch. On Monday she'll review Dead Bird through the Cat Door and on Tuesday she'll feature an interview with moi. It's a veritable Cyd, Jane and Jan-a-palooza over at Cindy's Love of Books.   


Jan Markley said…
Thanks Jennifer. There's so many awesome videos out there.
Lola Sharp said…
I love this post/mini-series! Yay for librarians! :)

Also, I've never seen the movie Paper Man. I must rectify this stat.

Have a wonderful weekend, Jan.

Talli Roland said…
Thanks for the links, Jan! Have a great weekend.
Jenn Johansson said…
Those are awesome! Hooray for librarians! :)
Cindy said…
Jan I love the links they are so funny. Thanks for the mention. I really enjoyed your books and can't wait to share them with my readers.
Jan Markley said…
Lola: It's a funny, quirky, sad movie - it's worth watching.
Thanks Talli - you have a great Londoner weekend!
Yes, Jenn, hooray for librarians - they rock!
Thanks Cindy. I read the review - it was great, thanks! I'll drop by and leave a comment.