Hug a Librarian - Part I

Nothing like curling up on the couch with a good book!
I was going to call this post: tribute to the book, but since pessimists predict that the future of paper books is furniture, I'll call it the tribute to the written word. No matter what happens to books we will still have the written word electronically. Does anyone remember the record?

This is a good movie: Paper Man
My SCBWI writer friends and bloggowers in England have decried the budgetary attack on libraries in their country, so I decided to dedicate the next two blog post to reading, libraries and librarians.

There have been a series of blog posts on the subject of the importance of libraries. British young adult author Keren David lists who uses libraries, at Notes from the Slushpile, my writer friends Candy Gourlay and Teri Terry (fellow Canadian to boot) give a round up of all the library related blog posts, and Nicky Schmidt in South Africa weighs in on the importance of learning by highlighting the limited access to education for some African children.

Now, a veritable video montage dedicated to reading and libraries (there were just so many good library videos - I had to go with a two parter blog post).

An avid, and slightly scary, reader:

When good librarians go psycho:

Will Smith - the keys to life are running and reading:


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