Cupcakes, O Canada, basketball and cats taking over the world

This blog post is all about me bragging ...

On myself for my crazy mad icing skillz - yes, I iced a dozen of these ice-cream cone cupcakes for my friend's daughter's birthday. 
Yum. Pizza looks good too! 
Me bragging on my niece who sang O Canada at the opening and closing ceremonies for a girls hockey tournament. The crowds went wild at the end. She blogs at Tiny Canadian

And me bragging on my nephew who defied gravity and flew through the air to get a hole in one sink this basket.  

Way to go!
Oh, and if you thought for a moment that you could stop be vigilant about cats taking over the world - watch this video. Sure they look like they are asleep curled up on your favourite chair but they are really planning world domination.  We're talking gangs of cats bloggowers! 


Angie said…
Those cupcakes look sooooo yummy. Your niece and nephew are very talented. It's funny. Even though I know you are in Canada, and it says O Canada right above the video, I was still expecting The Star Spangled Banner. *rolls eyes*
Jan Markley said…
Good one Angie! Yes, the cupcakes were yummy and yes, I like to brag about all of my nieces and nephews!
JennaQuentin said…
Our cat already takes over every vacanted seat (we are simply her seat warmers), demands food in the grossest of ways (peeing in her bowl??)and asks to go outside until the baby joins in her wailing (she's mind-controlling the young one??) I'm thinking their speeding up the agenda and taking over before the thumbs arrive!! Thanks for the laughs!
Jan Markley said…
Mind control and seat warmers! Love it Jenna!

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