High Priestess of Procrastination and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Writers are know for the lengths they will go to procrastinate and avoid writing. I was indulging in some pretty high level procrastination techniques yesterday to avoid doing my taxes. Let me clarify that for you dear bloggowers. I don't do my taxes, I have the proverbial 'tax guy' who does them. I compile the receipts because he doesn't want a canvas bag full of loose receipts in three different currencies (due to all the exciting conferences I travelled to last year). 

I hereby present to you, my loyal bloggowers, the list of activities I engaged in to avoid compiling my taxes. You can peruse them as I crown myself the High Priestess of Procrastination. 

  • took delivery of a dresser to replace the one with the slats separating (darn you reclaimed Siberian wood);
  • went out in a snowstorm to take the Christmas wreath off the side of the house and replace it with a spring/Easter themed wreath (get the irony there?!);
  • put in a load of laundry;
  • watched a documentary about Moammar Gadhafi (Note to self: good decision Jan, back in the 1990s, not to name your cat Meow-mar Katafi); 
  • cleaned out two years worth of old heating bills from my filing cabinet; 
  • went on line to register to get heating bills electronically (you're welcome earth day);
  • answered emails and was on facebook and twitter until my eye balls froze in place;
  • opened six months worth of mail (Note to self: Seriously!)
  • dug an inordinate amount of old wax out of a candle holder and lit some candles (you're welcome earth day);  
  • threw out a couple of years worth of Christmas and birthday cards that were still on display - because they were funny (now everyone can stop bugging me about that);
  • did my dishes; 
  • made a grilled cheese sandwich;
  • forgot about the load of laundry; and
  • ate the grilled cheese sandwich (which totally rocked).  

Then I finally got down to compiling my receipts. While it took a while to compile the receipts I have for expenses related to my writing life, I know that it will take far less time to compile the receipts for revenue related to my writing life. Ha, more irony!

Here are a couple of cool videos to watch if you are indulging in procrastination or avoidance behaviour today. 

The first one is about the end of publishing (*yawn*)!

The next one is a flash mob - you know I'm a sucker for flash mobs. It's a flash mob with a message of hope shot in Toronto's Eaton Centre. 



Anonymous said…
My hat is off....you ARE the queen! And...just me know when to head over for some of that grilled cheese nummies.

And--I don believe you are pretty amazing, ya know!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Deb. I feel like having another one of those grilled cheese sandwiches!
Angela Ackerman said…
Okay but you have to admit, that grilled cheese pic totally rocks. I think we can let you off the hook for that one. :)
Jan Markley said…
That grilled cheese sandwich pic does totally rock Angela - the actual sandwich I made was a little less succulent, but still delicious!
JennaQuentin said…
I was procrastinating, but reading writing blogs like yours counts, right? Interestingly enough, there isn't a French word for procrastinate - obviously they believe that the work will still be there tomorrow, so go have a café with a friend! I love the flash mob video - I sent it to my sister who dances! Guess I have to go write now...
Jan Markley said…
I love the French approach Jenna - the work will always be there tomorrow! I'm off to the cafe!
Lynda R Young said…
lol, I'm impressed by your procrastination skills. Impressive. When I procrastinate the house gets super clean.
Jan Markley said…
LoL Lynda! If only my house got cleaner when I procrastinated!
For someone who was procrastinating all day you got an awful lot done! WTG!
Jan Markley said…
You're right Sharon, got a lot done, just not what I intended!

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