Facing Fire by kc dyer: Darby Christopher Guest Blog Post

Today we have a guest post written by one of the characters in kc dyer's new middle grade novel Facing Fire

kc dyer is a Canadian children's author. She was also the coordinator of the Surrey International Writers' Conference (SiWC) for years - which is where I met her. kc has a penchant for wearing brightly coloured leggings. She's also just published her sixth novel! Virtual round of applause!

kc with those famous leggings at SiWC

She's dedicated to the writing community and was helpful when I asked her for advice. She, and the Surrey conference, have a special place in my 'how I got published story.' 

Sometimes kc forgets to brush her hair in her excitement at seeing her new book. But that's okay! 
Being a writer means never having to brush your hair!

Without further ado ....

Hi Jan's readers!
 My name is Darby Christopher, and I have locked Jan into a woodbox on the porch for the nefarious purpose of taking over her blog for the day. 

Okay, okay -- not true. The only thing in the woodbox on Jan's porch is a dead frog or two.

The truth is that this month I’m cruising around the internet in a blog-odyessy, celebrating the launch of my new book. It’s called FACING FIRE and Jan Markley has kindly made this space available so I can tell you about it. 

FACING FIRE picks up the story of what happened to me after the magical summer that you may have read about in A WALK THROUGH A WINDOWBoth books tell the story of how many different Canadians came to Canada. But while other people talk about boats and planes and dealing with customs, well, my books take a different view. I may not be too fond of frogs -- either dead OR on porches -- but I can tell you I've had a bit of experience with slipping through time.

Yep -- if you like time travel and want to learn more about either of my stories, have a peek at kc dyer's website:

Or better still, maybe you’d like to win a copy? If you leave comment on this post, Jan will put your name into a draw to win a signed copy of the new book – FACING FIRE. And if you actually link to this post somewhere else [like in another blog, or facebook post or even a tweet] we’ll put your name in for the draw for BOTH of my books. Go for it!

By the way, if you’re into looking for prizes, [especially if you like making videos], check out my blog HERE at Darby Speaks. I have an AMAZING contest going with some totally fantastic prizes. And if you like twitter, you can follow all the latest on the contest and the blog tour and launches @DarbyWalking.

See you there.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Jan-cast....

This is what happens when you let zombies eat your brainz!


Sounds like a fun read! And run from those zombies...don't let them get your brain.
Jan Markley said…
Samantha: I've read a few of her books and they are good! Yes, must keep zombies away from my brain!