Dead Bird through the Cat Door Launch Reminder!

Just a reminder for those of you in Calgary. 

The book launch for the second in the Megabyte Mystery series, Dead Bird through the Cat Door, is:

Saturday November 27th, 2:00 pm  
Owl’s Nest Book Store (In the Britannia Shopping Plaza)
815A-49 Ave. S.W.
Calgary, T2S 1G8
(403) 287-9557  

I now have a reputation for having great turnouts at my launch given how successful the launch was last year. So hopefully everyone will be able to come out again this year!

I'll read from the new book and we'll all have a piece of cake. 

Yes, There will be cake! (just saying!) 

(Note to self - bake a giant cake with an image of the book cover in icing!

Just to get you thinking about books in preparation for the book launch (when are you ever not thinking about books?) here's a cool video!

In other news ... You'll recall the main character, Darby Christopher, from kc dyer's new book Facing Fire did a recent guest blog post and she had a book give away. The winner of the book giveaway is bloggower and blogger Samantha Verant. Samantha blogs at Life, love and living in France. Check out her blog, she's got an interesting story.   

Here's a fun video! 


Anonymous said…
Hey Jan,

How about: Get your Sleuth on, for your signing. Never hurts to use a quote from the book. Donald Maass has been using Tension on every page since he started writing books on craft. Just saying
Jan Markley said…
That's a good one Anonymous! I'm going to use that one. Good tip for other authors as well!