Twas two nights before Jan's book launch ...

This is an hourglass book case - get it? Time ticking toward the book launch?!
... and all through the house an author was pulling her hair out trying to figure out which part of the book to read!

With my debut novel Dead Frog on the Porch I'd read the first chapter or two at launches/presentations. But now with the second book of the Megabyte Mystery series, Dead Bird through the Cat Door I'm ready to mix it up a bit. 

Should I read from chapter one? It opens with this line:

"In a flash of feathers and fur Yin bolted through the cat door with a dead baby robin in her jaws." 

Or should I start at chapter two, with this line?

"Hot pink bike shorts are not good camouflage. The neon lime green pair I had at home probably wouldn't be any better for undercover work. I bet Nancy Drew never had this problem. " 

Twin sister detectives Cyd and Jane always seem to be having dinner with the culprits. 

There's a scene where the Scottish director of the Bird Sanctuary Aviary Finch invites them to dine with his wife Cygnet Finch and a not-so-good-guy Souris Vole. They dine on such delicacies as blood pudding and what they think is bird beak soup. I could read from that part. 

Or I could read from another scene where Finch and Vole are at Cyd and Jane's house having dinner with their parents. At the end of the scene, Cyd's dad scoops up some ice-cream, for the culprits, with a side of suspicion, and the twins wonder if their scientist father has been pulled into the hybrid of deception. 
P.S.: the apricots are a hint! 
Lots of good parts to read from at the launch on Saturday November 27 at 2 pm at Owl's Nest Books - just need to pick one (or two) and rehearse! 


Talli Roland said…
Oh, I love the bit about the bike shorts! I'm sure your book launch will be fabulous, Jan!
Happy Birthday Jan,

I'm cheering for chapter two. Love it when Cyd and Jane snoop about. Happy Launch
The Wicked Lady said…
Tough call, Jan. Put bookmarks in a bunch of different places, then scan your crowd. If mostly girls, start with the hot pink bike shorts. If equal numbers or more boys, go with the gross-out dinner.
lol, I love the 2nd chapter opening.
Good luck at the launch!!!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Tallie, I love that bit as well. Thanks Jocosa, snooping is their strength! Good advice Wicked Lady. Thanks Lynda, I'm sure it will go well.