Shout out to the bakers of the giant cake!

There would be no giant book launch cake without the staff and baker at the Beddington Co-Op in Calgary!

They've all gotz some crazy mad baking skillz!

They made my cake for last year's launch and they made it for today's launch! Check it out! Not only are they amazing and friendly, they always pick up a couple of books for the young people in their lives.

Thanks to Stan the baker and Linda and Anna.

Here's the before picture. The after picture will be an empty plate!

Here's a place where one of their cakes will never show up (that's a good thing)!


Jade said…
Good luck with the release!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Jade - it went really well. Full blog report in a couple of days!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh. You are right, those are some mad decorating skills! Congrats on the launch!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Deb. The cake was gorgeous and delicious!