Bald prairies, double chins and book lovers sale!

This is what I saw when I got up before dawn and drove across the bald prairies to the Writers Guild of Alberta's Book Lovers Christmas Sale in Edmonton.  

Here's a pic of me taken by Karen Bass who did not heed my directive against second chins in photos. 
Check out the groovy kool earrings - more on that in an upcoming blog post!

Here's a pic of Karen Bass, award winning author of young adult novels Run Like Jager and Summer of Fire. 

Then there were readings at the Book Lovers Christmas Sale. If you ever need to rehearse for a presentation - the bathrooms at the Edmonton Public Library have great acoustics. Not to mention an audacious pink/green combo that blasted right out of the late 60s

Marty Chan was up first. He talked about his latest novel for middle grade readers the Mystery of the Cyber Bully.    

Marty is a super cool writer who gave me a great quote for the back of the book cover for Dead Bird through the Cat Door. "This delightful novel places author Jan Markley in the catbird seat among funny mystery writers." - Marty Chan. You'll have to check out the rest of the quote on the inside of the book! 

Then it was my turn to read. I read a scene from Dead Bird through the Cat Door, talked about both books and the Megabyte Mystery series, and answered questions about writing. 

I'm totally rocking the pashmina!
Judith Graves was next up. Her debut young adult novel Under my Skin is fiction to die for. It's got that whole werewolf/vampire thing going on. 

She's not really a vampier - she's just pale because she lives up north
where the sun never shines ... wait a minute ... are you thinking what I'm thinking!?
There's been a challenge to the title of 'Jan's biggest fan.' You'll remember we met Michael at my book launch. Michael is my self proclaimed biggest fan and told tales of kids in his school fighting over my book in the library! (Love the reading part, the fighting - not so much!)

This week at the Book Lovers Christmas sale, Colleen came forward to challenge the title and declared herself Jan's biggest fan. That declaration gets you the indignation of your pic on the blog. 
Colleen and I having a writerly conversation while
flipping through two of the books she bought.
Colleen came out to the signing Grey Cup weekend in Edmonton (sans a hallowed out watermelon on her head) and came out again to the Book Lovers Christmas sale this past weekend. She's a big reader (thanks we need people like you) and claims she's my biggest fan, well, second biggest fan! I appreciate the support of all who came out to the two events in Edmonton! It's great to see familiar faces and great to meet new readers. 

Don't forget the contest to win a copy of a newly minted Dead Bird through the Cat Door. Details on Magic of the Muses, Eileen Schuh's blog. Deadline is Friday. 


Eileen Schuh: said…
Thanks for a great update on the Christmas sale. I'm planning to be there next year, talking about SCHRODINGER'S CAT and other rascally felines.
Yes, fans, friends, and family of Jan's... I invite you to my blog where Jan writes about the role of sidekick characters in fiction. Simply leave a comment and your name will go in the hat to win an autographed copy of DEAD BIRD THROUGH THE CAT DOOR
Judith Graves said…
Heya Jan - great times at the sale. Was a blast meeting you guys. Am I pale? I hadn't noticed. I'm not too fond of mirrors. mwahhhaaaa...
Anonymous said…
Looks _fantastic_! As do you, double chin? If it's there it must be a baby one, I've got a the MOTHER. Thanks, for posting this. Yes, I'd love to have a SCWBI hosted Calgary event like this, too!
Dawn Ius said…
I am SO sad I missed this :-( Looks like a great time. And you're looking awesome, Miss Jan. I'm hoping to read your book over the holidays. It's listed on my TBR pile :-) Hugs.
Jan Markley said…
Yes, Eileen, folks should hop on over to your blog and check out the deets to win the book. Judith - funny, can't wait to read your book, which I now have a copy of. Deb, it's certainly something we could explore more here in Calgary. We missed you too Dawn! Glad my book is on your TBR pile!
Looks like a fun event! I'm so jealous of your snow...
What a fantastic book sale! It's great how they involved all the authors! I hope you didn't get stage fright!
Jan Markley said…
Sherrie: you can have our snow! Samantha - no stage fright - I enjoyed presenting.