Dead Bird through the Cat Door takes flight on Amazon!

The friend I went to India with, Amber, says that all of my stories start with “Back in the 80s …” and by 80s she means the 1880s! Sure, a lot of my stories start with “Back in the 80s …” but I don’t think that things were better then. In fact, I’m loving what technology has done to book marketing and social networking.

In the 80s there was a popular television commercial for shampoo, with the tag line “I told two friends, and they told two friends and so on, and so on.” If you admit to being around in the 80s you’ll remember it. If you weren’t around in the 80s then check it out below. And yes, that is Heather Locklear, complete with the big hair from the 80s. (I think the video has been locked in a dusty vault since the 80s because the sound quality is crappy).

That commercial is an analogy for social networking. Now a-days you can ‘tell two friends’ (and many more) through email, face book, blogs, twitter etc., with the click of a mouse. It’s much easier to get the word out far and wide. 

Internet social networking is the super caffeinated, hyped up, you’re-not-in-the-80s-anymore-Dorothy version of that commercial.

This brings me to my point (yes, I have one thank you!). My second novel in the Megabyte Mystery series Dead Bird through the Cat Door is now available to be ordered on, (ignore the part that says it's not available - it is available) and

It's a fun and suspenseful read for the 8-12 year olds on your holiday shopping list. It's also available as a kindle on the .com and sites. 

I’m requesting (nay, challenging) all of my blog readers, face book friends, twitter  followers and anyone who has access to email - to ‘tell two friends’ (and then some!), to fully launch my novel into the blogosphere! (or should that be the webosphere?!). Please leave a comment and let me know how you've 'told two friends!'

If you've read Dead Bird through the Cat Door, a review on one of the Amazon sites would be helpful as well ... just saying! 

Oh, yes, you know Amber from her Forgotten Bookmarks fame and her bloodletting Cat Atticus from Atticus Catticus and Why You Should Follow Submission Guidelines.

Take it away Heather.


Anonymous said…
Hah! I remember that commercial!

Congrats on being Amazon, I am with you on loving all the new technology! One of the biggest reasons? I have a Kindle...and now...I have your book (yeah, haven't made it all the way in to Calgary yet), and just read the opening (noooo on the birdie). Love, love the appeals to girls _and_ boys.

Cheers and happy word spreading!
Candy Gourlay said…
i don't think i ever saw this on philippine tv - but you're on! as it happens i was planning a blog post that this would fit into perfectly. speak later!
Talli Roland said…
Great stuff, Jan! I've just told one person (hubs) but sadly I'd have to go out on the street and scream it to let anyone else know. How's that for marketing strategy?
Jan Markley said…
Hi Deb: Glad you got my book on kindle and you like the opening! And yes, both boys and girls seem to like my books!

Maybe you were lucky Candy and the Philippines was spared that commercial. I look forward to your blog post, thanks!

Well, that's a marketing strategy I hadn't thought of Talli. Let me know how that works!
Unknown said…
Congrats, Jan, on your Amazon listing. :D
N. R. Williams said…
Congratulations Jan. How about coming on over to my blog next week and letting my followers know all about it. Either Thursday or Friday. My email is:
N. R. Williams, fantasy author
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Nancy, I would love to! I'll email you off-blog.
Congratulations on your second book! It sounds like a fun read...Best wishes with your sales. :)
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Sharon. It was fun to write and I hope it will be fun for kids to read!
Elana Johnson said…
Looks fabulous! Congrats on your novel. :)
Wishing you much success! And yep, I was around in the 80s and yep I remember that commercial. LOL
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Elana! Lynda: thanks, yes, back in the 80s! LOL!