It's video day on three dead moths ...

You know how there were days when you were in school and the teacher would come in and
s/he would be tired so s/he showed videos for the class? Well, there was a lot of white
precipitation whose name shall not be spoken (alright, I'll say it - it was snow!!!!!) and it's
May so I'm tired.
Here are three videos to brighten your day:
The first one is the publishing process we all imagine when we're writing. The second is what
happens after you get published and the third is Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat, Pray, Love fame)
talking about inspiration and the muse. The last one is long but it is worth watching, plus, if
the weather is carpy where you are then you've
got nowhere to go now do you!?
So sit back and click away ...


Dawn said…
Thanks for the video fun. I needed a whole lot of that yesterday when May showers turned into 7 cm of that white stuff we should not name. I spent much of the day dreaming of Hawaii...

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