Cod Liver Oil and time off for good behaviour

Well, I just finished four school visits as part of the "It's a Crime not to Read" early literacy program put on by the Calgary Public Library and the Calgary Police Service. One police officer was at one of the visits and she ordered me to take time off for good behaviour and go read a book or something. It's a great program and I was happy to be asked to participate. The kids loved meeting an author, I loved talking about myself ;-j, the library staff showed up with bins of books for the kids to check out and the kids loved having the police officer there as a positive role model. Some of the kids even gave up recess to show me what they had written and to sign out books from the public library staff! Recess!? Seriously, recess - it's recess kids ... The highlight for me was, as always, watching the kids really get into the writing exercise I do with them. They have an infinite number of ideas (lots about their cats killing a variety of small animals) and a vast amount of creativity to tap into. The non-writing highlight was when I stopped at a local cafe in one of the neighbourhoods. These schools were light years apart and I needed a quick snack before I presented at the last school so I ducked into this cafe. This is the conversation I had with the owner: Me: I don't have much time, but need a quick snack, what have you got that you can whip up fast? owner: I've got tea, brownies and cod liver oil. me: hmmmmm, cod liver oil? owner: yes, cod liver oil. me: just out of curiosity, how would you serve that? owner: on a spoon. me: of course. Thought bubble above my head: walk away, backwards, and slowly out of the cafe ... don't make any sudden moves.


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