A writers To Do list:

I’m going to give you a peek into the exciting life of a Canadian children’s author. Here’s what my To Do list looks like on any given weekend:
- write novel,
- do laundry.
- write novel,
- go grocery shopping,
- cook lentils.
Next weekend: lather, rinse, repeat. Or the writer’s version: write, edit, rewrite.
That’s pretty much it.
This weekend I started writing the third novel in the Megabyte Mystery Series Dead Bee in the Sarcophagus. Egyptologists, ancient honey, and King Tut’s tomb lead Cyd and Jane on a quest to discover why the bees are disappearing. That’s what I’ve got so far … worried you ask? Nah, once I start the characters will take over and I’ll be on my way.
I’m also, in my quest to be organized enough to write a novel, a serial abuser of little yellow (substitute any colour especially neon colours) sticky notes. I think I nearly gave a former employee a nervous break down because of all the little yellow sticky notes I left on and around his desk.
I jot down endless lists of things to do (in addition to 'write novel, do laundry'). One sticky note is stuck on another bigger stiky note which is stuck on my real non-sticky to do list (which is a few pages long and has different categories). So in addition to my other flaw (Hi I’m Jan and I splice commas) – Hi, I’m Jan and I abuse little yellow sticky notes!
Here’s the best of both worlds: a giant To Do list on sticky notes!
Oh, yeah, if you see a Sasquatch out of her writing cave this weekend, throw her some sour ju jubes, and tell her to get back in.


Jade said…
Good luck with the writing. And the laundry.

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