Jan’s adventures in jaywalking

Canadians are known to be infuriatingly law abiding. There’s a joke that fellow Canadian Michael J.  Fox tells. Picture this: downtown Toronto, huge Canadian snow storm – blizzardly white out conditions. The streets are bare, not a car in sight. One woman waits at the corner for the light to change before crossing the street. Funny stuff, right, because it’s true.

Typically I don’t jay walk (my friends in New York and London, England can attest to that as I’m usually about a block behind them waiting for the light to change.)

Downtown yesterday I was crossing the street where the light rail transit lines run. I looked west, not a car in sight, swore it was clear all the way to the pacific ocean, I looked east and wait, yup, caught a glimpse of the atlantic then proceeded to cross against the light.

That’s when I noticed the police paddy wagon coming down the street. It pulled over and met me at the other side. This is a snippet of our conversation:

Police: Ma’am I need to talk to you about your jaywalking.
Me: I know, right?!

Police: Ma’am why would you do it? What would possess you?

Me: usually, I’m very cautious, especially on the train platforms.

Police: Ma’am it’s not about the $60.00 fine I could give you – I just don’t want to scrape another body off the rails.

I promised that I wouldn’t do it again and he said that that was all he wanted to hear.

Wow, holy vigilant police officer.

If only the regulatory/police officers were as vigilant in the next Magabyte Mystery Dead Bird through the Cat Door, then the twin protagonists wouldn’t have to solve the mystery.

Here’s a little snippet of what they will be up to in the second in the series due to be released later this fall.

Dead birds? Stolen cats? C’est what? When Cyd and Jane’s cat Yin gets kidnapped – that’s when it gets personal.
Once again, Cyd and her animal loving twin Jane are up to their bird beaks in intrigue cracking the latest of the Megabyte Mystery. The director of the bird sanctuary, Aviary Finch, is stealing cats to kill birds. But why? Their new sidekick Todd – who’s side is he on anyway?
The twins use the latest technology and Shakespeare’s Macbeth to help crack the case. Methinks the culprits doth protest too much! Will Cyd and Jane save the sanctuary, free the birds, and return the cats to their natural habitat of their owners’ laps? It’s predator eats predator when evil meets crazy!


LTM said…
LOL! I love your new book description--predator eats predator when evil meets crazy! :D

Also, is that a real sign? Are we the reckless example??? Funny stuff here~
Jan Markley said…
Thanks LTM! It is a real sign, but I think it's from an American city.
Candy Gourlay said…
"predator eat predator" that made me laugh!

the brits don't understand north american anti-jaywalking culture and get into terrible scrapes like the mild mannered professor who was beaten and pinned to the ground by a cop for disobeying jaywalking laws.

lucky your cop wasn't as enthusiastic about enforcing the law for your own good.
Jan Markley said…
Holy carp! that's quite a story Candy! Note to self: don't jaywalk in Atlanta. I do think it is part of the culture in England, especially London, to jaywalk. It seems to be accepted there.
Lori Hahnel said…
Speaking of jaywalking, and Atlanta, you do know that Margaret Mitchell was killed at age 49 after being hit by a car. Witnesses said she stepped out into the street without looking, and her friends claimed she often did this. Just saying.
Jan Markley said…
Alright, I won't jaywalk again! You've all convinced me.
Yep, I one of those who doesn't Jay walk except for the odd occasion. :)
Angela Ackerman said…
Man stuff like this happens to me all the time. The ONE time I do something...Urgh.
Jan Markley said…
Stina and Angela - ain't that the truth. I'm reformed now after all the comments and the article which is a good thing.

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