No Snoring at the Surrey International Writers' Conference!

I'll be going to the Surrey International Writers' Conference (SiWC) in October! If you follow this blog you'll know that SiWC played an integral role in my how I got published story

I've signed up for the Master Class with Donald Maass (note to self finish reading Fire in the Fiction his latest awesome book). Donald is not only the god of agents but is the master of creating tension (micro and otherwise). If you haven't read his book Writing the Breakout Novel - well, I just don't know what you're waiting for. 

I'll be hanging out with my good writer friend Jocossa of the Earrings (who took a vow last year to not cut her hair until she was published - and I don't mean until she had a contract - I mean a published book on shelf!) and the first 50 pages of her w-i-p was requested by the god himself. We've been following here progress on Three Dead Moths... (and measuring her hair) and we'll have an update before the October conference. Other than that, there will be tons of great workshops, lots of Surrey rain to dodge, familiar writing friends and new friends, agents, editors, blue pencil sessions and lots of good food. I'll also be hanging with my Senior Editor Jared Hunt and Publisher Crystal Stranaghan from Gumboot Books. Crystal will be taking appointments at the conference. 

The SiWC conference is not a snooze fest and there is no snoring allowed! I'm looking for a room mate, (contact me off line) and while I snore I will be wearing the anti-snoring device that my sister's company MPowRx licenced and produces. It was created by a Calgary dentist and in Canada, Health Canada has cleared MPowRx™ device as a Class I medical device for treatment of snoring and mild-moderate sleep apnea. In the United States, the FDA has cleared the MPowRx™ device for treatment of snoring only.

Here's a video to show you how it works: 


Hi Jan:

We LOVE SiWC success stories!
Delighted this is one of them.

Look forward to seeing you at the conference in October.

Hope Jocossa's hair doesn't get too long!

All the best. Keep up the good work.

~ Ursula

Ursula Maxwell-Lewis
SIWC Publicity Director/Treasurer
On Twitter: @YouTravel
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Ursula. I'm looking forward to SiWC as well. We'll be getting another look at how long Jocossa's hair is before the conference. It's quite the vow she took!
WritingNut said…
It sounds amazing! I hope you have fun!
Jan Markley said…
Thanks Writing Nut - I'll blog about it when I get back!
Anonymous said…
yay, yay, yay!

Perhaps I will get to meet you in person at the SWC! :-)

I love that your friend made a vow not to cut her hair until her book is on the shelves. Although, a friend of mine is being published by a large publishing house and was told in Dec 1999 that her book would be available in Fall of 2012 (!).

I told her I'll put it on my list of "books to read during the apocalypse."
Jan Markley said…
For sure we'll see each other there 'accidentalnovelist'! You can meet Jocossa there. December 1999-2012 that's insane long range planning! Maybe they never thought they'd get past the new millenium!
Kathy said…
Hi Jan,

If you're still looking for a roommate, we've posted our room share blog on the SiWC website. There are already a few women there looking for someone to share.

Thanks for the great post about our conference!

SiWC Conference Coordinator
Jan Markley said…
Hi Kathy, thanks for the info. My writer friend, who's also in my critiquing group, Frances Hern got all nostalgic when she read this post and decided to come to the SiWC again this year, so I'll share a room with her. See you there!

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