Rainy days and Mondays ...

More like torrential rainy days and Mondays! 

It's a holiday here and I spent some time writing today. Then I spent some time on a ladder with a hoe during a thunder storm trying to unblock the down spout. Not so smart during a lightning storm! 

Anyhow ... I found this great clip of Stephen King giving advice to writers.  He talks about how important it is for writers to read widely. Love the peace sign shirt Stephen - totally grooving. 

And now, the original Rainy Days and Mondays by the Carpenters.


Dawn Ius said…
I love that Stephen King clip - and have been there! I'm not a fan of everything he writes, but I cannot deny his amazing talent and marketability. And On Writing, his book, is a constant on my shelf - I read it every year. Brilliant advice throughout.
Jan Markley said…
Dawn: Must have been exciting to be in a workshop with him! I would recommend his book as well, lots of good advice in it.