Author visits!

Yes, I have been known to wear funny frog related hats - but only to school visits! 

With fall upon us and school back in I thought I would let my bloggowers know that I’m taking bookings for school and library visits for the month of October (some black out dates apply) in Alberta, Canada.  Dear sweet bloggowers please pass this on to teachers and librarians in your network. 
Brooks, Alberta   

My presentations work best for grades three to seven and I tailor my presentation to the needs of the class.  As you can see I make them write until their fingers bleed
engage their imaginations in a writing exercise! And you can bet, if it's pajama day I'll be there in my flannel reindeer pajamas! 

Students at a Toronto school
My debut novel Dead Frog on the Porch (Gumboot Books 2009) is a mystery adventure that has been called “Nancy Drew for the ipod generation.” The second in the series Dead Bird through the Cat Door will be out later in the fall and can be descried as “Lady Macbeth meets Nancy Drew.”

While my books are funny and fast paced, they explore themes and issues in a way that is realistic for children (and non-didactic) such as the interconnectedness of humans and the environment, genetic engineering, anthropology, eco-systems, social responsibility, and I even throw in a little Shakespeare in the second book. My books incorporate classic lessons in a contemporary context. 

For schools and libraries outside of my hometown of Calgary, (but still in Alberta) visits can be booked through the Young Alberta Book Society (YABS). Every October YABS puts on a literary festival called TaleBlazers. YABS subsidizes author visits by paying for travel and accommodation. To participate, schools and libraries must be a member of YABS. 

The Young Alberta Book Society is a registered charity that has been in operation for over 25 years. The mission is to foster literacy and a love of reading among young people in Alberta by providing access to Alberta's literary artists and their works.

You can check out my author profile on the YABS site where there are details about my presentations.

Check out my website for more information about me and my books. Blog posts about previous school visits can be found under the label: school visits. Interested teachers and librarians can contact me through the email on my website. 

Thanks bloggowers! You rock something awesome! 

A cat harnessing her higher intelligence 


LTM said…
omg--lol at the cat on the computer! I so wish you were closer to me, but being on the Gulf Coast I think I'm about as far from you as I could get... !!! :D

Still, that would go over HUGE here, and I would love for you to visit our little school. All the best. I've got Dead Frog on my "to buy" list for the girls! Can't wait! :o)
Jan Markley said…
Thanks LTM - yes, you are about as far from me as possible! I've never been to Alabama and would love to visit one day.

Thanks for buying a copy of Dead Frog on the Porch, if your girls love it please let your friends and bloggowers know!

That cat pic is great - I suspect she's trying to take over the world, as all cats secretly plot to do!
Talli Roland said…
Love that cat photo!

Students would be lucky to have you, Jan. Shame you can't come across the ocean to London!
Angela Cerrito said…
Oh, those kids are so lucky!!!

Jan Markley said…
Thanks Angela and Tallie! I love the cat pic too! Tallie, I was over in London in the spring and I'm sure I'll get over there again in the future ;-j

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