Video Vednesday!

It's a dark, cold, foggy, stormy Wednesday - great time to wrap your hands around a warm mouse and click through a couple of videos here on Video Vednesday. 

The first is about that pesky bit of punctuation the apostrophe. Love it or hate it, you've probably misused it at some point in your writing life (or you wouldn't be human). A couple of the pics in the video are actually right (just saying). 

I'm late to the whole Old Spice commercial craze due to the liberal use I make of the mute button on my TV remote, but now I'm not only up to speed on the craze, I've found a parody of the commercial that promotes libraries. 

Happy video vednesday! Next post - how a top ten list can change your writing. 


Heh Heh Heh... LOVE the videos/pics. Thnx for sharing!
Jan Markley said…
They are cute videos and pics aren't they?! Glad you liked them!
LTM said…
omg! LOL---YES! The apostrophe. Me: it's not that hard people, you're over-thinking it... :D
Jan Markley said…
Glad you like it Leigh. Yes, with the apostrophe it's all about need and placement!
The Wicked Lady said…
The kicker is the tombstone. You might as well just have "I raised illiterates" as your epitaph. And that's in the land of the mother tongue .
Jan Markley said…
Wicked Lady, (aka Jennifer) I know, talk about it being written in stone!