Blogger Buddies in the Cybersphere and cats taking over the world

Time to give and receive some blogger buddy acknowledgement in the cyberspere. My blogger buddy Leigh T. Moore blogs over at That's Write about writing, getting published, life and being a mom. She gave me the blogger buddie award. Thanks Leigh - you rock and so does your blog! All my bloggowers should check it out.   

I'm passing it on to three of my blogger buddies:

Angela Ackerman who blogs at The Bookshelf Muse where she creates her own thesaurus for settings, colours, texture and shape, smells, symbolism, characters etc., If you can't figure out what I mean then pop over and check out the site for yourself. It's a helpful resource for writers. 

Stina Lindenblatt blogs at Seeing Creative and offers photography and fiction writing tips for really cool people. I would agree with that and hope I'm included as one of the cool people!

And Sherrie Peterson who blogs at Write About Now. Where she shares her ramblings about reading, writing and life in a small town. Another interesting and enlightening blog for you to check out. 

I really enjoy blogging and the supportive community of writers, readers, and educators that I have found blogging. There's a whole lot of creativity out there and bloggers who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. 

*Jan steps off her soap box*

Now, in my continued effort to convince you that cats are secretly plotting to take over the world I present this video as evidence. They are everywhere people!  Be ever vigilant!


Thanks, Jan! I'm glad to have you as a blogger buddy, too :)
Unknown said…
Yay, two of my blogging friends--who I've met in person--also gained the award. :D

Thanks, Jan!
LTM said…
love the kitties, and love the sweet hook ups! :o) You're too sweet, and meeting all these kindred spirits is so refreshing. I feel like that last kitty in the IKEA commercial~ lol! :D
Jan Markley said…
That's kool Stina and I think I'll have a chance to meet you and Angela soon!

Leigh - no you're too sweet! that last shot of the kitty in that commercial was priceless.
Angela Ackerman said…
Jan, thank you for the award! I'm honored you thought of me. :) Love the commercial too--there's something so home-y about really works as an add. Makes me miss my cat tho!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse
Jan Markley said…
You're welcome Angela! it is a great commercial. Sorry you miss your cat :-(